Duo International Metal Garage Plate-Jig

kr 135.00kr 169.00

A minnow shaped jig was needed, one that could be thrown far and used easily by anyone. High appeal flashing was also a necessity for this new type of jig.


The Plate Jig has a thin plate that forms the front part of the lure and is attached to the main body/weight. The weight of the body was positioned at the back of the lure to increase casting performance. The thin plate at the front is made for effective flashing and improved swimming performance. The Plate Jig will swim vigorously when retrieved with a highly appealing irregular action.

It is recommended to use the snap that is provided for easy operation. The 15g and 20g models are best for shallow areas and are applicable to a wide rage of SW target fish. The larger 30g and 40g are great for seabass, flounder, flatheads, and many other fast SW game fish. The Plate Jig is designed to be a high appeal lure that works with a simple cast and retrieve. The colour range consists of high flash colors with a wide application while the matte colors are better for lower light times of the day around dusk.



Green Gold Candy, Mat Pink, Pink Candy, Pink Sardine, Red Head Holo, Tsuregisu GB


15g, 20g, 30g, 40g


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