Duo International Metal Garage Plate-Vib

kr 125.00

The Plate Vib was created from a need for a jig with a vibration action that could be cast far. High flexibility for use in different fields and with different action was also essential for this new jig.


The Plate Vib is a compact design body with a thin plate. The streamlined body will fly far when cast, even in windy conditions, bettering the casting distance of typical vibration lures. The plate features two line eyes, the front one for an easy and fast retrieve with tight action, the back one for high appeal at slow retrieval speeds and stronger action during the lift and fall. The Plate Vib is created to put out high appeal action with just a straight retrieve.

Four sizes are available for a wide application in different fields. For an easy set-up, use the snap provided. The back line eye with increased action is better in low light times of the day such as dusk. The Plate Vib is perfect for shallow surf and is great for seabass, flounder, flatheads, and other saltwater game fish. The 10g and 15g models are best for shallow areas with a depth of up to 2.5m. The 20g model is best for casting far in surf areas, whereas the heavy 26g model is made for deeper ranges down to 8m or 10m.



Mat Chartreuse, Mat Pink, Red Head Holo, Tsuregisu GB


10g, 15g, 20g, 26g


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